Universities and colleges today are under pressure never before experienced. As well as delivering a world class education, governments and paying students now demand increased job prospects, expecting a well-paid career at the end of their studies.

While teaching staff focus on the education, the increasingly vital matter of student employment is left to students themselves and the careers department. This is often addressed at the last minute instead of in the first year when they have time.

According to The Times (Mon. October 14th 2013) 40% of British business bosses believe hiring graduates helps their business, but 39% said ‘applicants were turned down because of a lack of practical experience’ and 17% ‘complained that graduates lacked basic job application and interview skills’. These are simple errors that can be easily remedied. Can you teach body language reading skills for interviews? Do all your students know the tricks for writing an effective, professional CV that will instantly hit the top of the on line search engines and make an employer invite you to interview? Do your students know where to look for effective, free on the job experience? Do they even bother walking into your careers department?

I have 12 years experience in the back to work sector helping the long term unemployed get into work. I’m an NLP Master Practitioner skilled in teaching a variety of techniques to help build rapport in interviews vital to nail that all important job. I have turned around a client’s CV from no phone calls in over 5 years to two inviting the client to interview within 12 hours. I’ve taken a client in his late 50’s from utterly convinced he was too old and up against institutional ageism to not only believing he can get a job, but getting another one 5 years later when his employer’s business went bankrupt and achieving his dream to travel to the other side of the world (and yes, he was 63 at the time!).

I can teach these skills to staff and students effectively and quickly. I have the resources and experience to train groups of any size or experience level. I’m an ex-University teacher (post-grad at Durham, Visiting Fellow at Leeds, Visiting Professor at the University of Michigan-Flint) with experience motivating those who don’t want to know into taking action. I am happy to give free talks to students describing what’s REALLY happening in the world of work today and I can help your students and your careers departments get better results.

Don’t believe I’m that good? Read the testimonials and decide for yourself!

Students should not lose out because they don’t know how to play the employment game. Call me and give them the edge they need to succeed!