‘Shaz is enchanting to watch when she is delivering training. She has a natural way of motivating people and believes in everyone that she meets. Her passion for the job and extensive experience of life makes working with Shaz a joy. Within her training she is able to blend personal experience, industry specifics and past studies to make the session exciting and fresh. When dealing with customers on a 1-2-1 basis, it is easy to notice the change in attitude and new found confidence that customers feel after the meeting. She is willing to help with any aspect of design and delivery and has assisted me with staff training in the past. If you ever want help or advice from Shaz, all you have to do is ask.’
Maddy Wheeler — Business Improvement Manager, Careers Development Group

‘Shaz is a highly dedicated individual in everything she does. I had the pleasure of coming across Shaz’s exceptional training abilities whilst working for CDG. Always happy to help and listen to clients she went above and beyond the call of duty on numerous occasions. Her relaxed, interesting and outstanding training abilities were a joy to observe. I loved working with her and spending time at that centre. If you are looking for a highly motivated trainer for your company then look no further, Shaz is the one for you.’
Pat Phillips — Quality Officer – Ofsted, Careers Development Group

‘I had the pleasure of sitting in on a few of the classes Shaz taught. Her ability to grab and hold the attention of her students was phenomenal, her solid grasp of her subject, both practical and theoretical aspects, was impressive. Add to that her compassion and caring attitude toward her students, and it’s easy to understand why Shaz was nominated by students for the top teaching award three years in a row. I note also the wide variety of interests that engaged her nimble mind, from American civil war to physics and science fiction — whatever Shaz turns her mind to she does with extreme focus and passion. Our campus here at University of Michigan-Flint was lucky beyond measure to have Sharon Ney (Shaz) as a visiting professor for three years. It was our great sorrow that we could not keep her here in Michigan. If you are meeting Shaz for the first time, I envy you. She has the amazing ability to open new horizons for everyone she meets. If you are considering her for a position, I offer my highest recommendation for a most accomplished and capable person and one of the best teachers I have ever met. You could do no better.’
Vera Anderson — Associate Librarian, University of Michigan-Flint

‘Shaz clearly stands out from the rest in her field in many respects; she approaches every problem with honesty and integrity, her ability to recognise and decode hidden barriers quite seamlessly is one of her core strengths. Her candid thoughts are very refreshing and I feel quite at ease discussing even the most confidential subjects. I would highly recommend Shaz to any future client who feels they have hit a brick wall in life. If they need someone with expertise, experience and intelligence to help them sift through their personal maze to enable them to reach clarity, then Shaz is the one for them.’
D.A. — Client

‘I want to say a Big Thank you to you for your help and understanding in giving me the confidence and ability in getting my new job. 10 years of no confidence being at home, thinking there was no hope. I treasure my job and enjoy it so much. Thanks for your guidance and wisdom.”‘
Sarah — Client

‘I graduated in 2012 with a marketing degree and was immediately panicked by the thought of getting a graduate job in such a tough climate. Even with a placement year and a first class degree at university, I found going into such a competitive marketplace very daunting and unnerving. So much so that I was very unconfident and had lost motivation and belief in myself. I met Shaz through her fiancée who I worked with at the time. I was immediately intrigued by her work and past experience and so thought I’d give it a go. Using a range of techniques, focused around NLP, Shaz was caring and professional throughout her approach. I had three sessions that lasted between an hour and an hour and a half, with Shaz giving me techniques to take away and practice in my spare time. Throughout the process, I gradually became more confident, regaining my self-belief and now looking back, an aspect that I realise had been a large part of being unhappy at the time. As my confidence, motivation and self-belief increased, so did the number of interviews. I secured a job within two months of working with Shaz, and also got offered two more in the same week! I am now doing a job that I am really enjoying and I am sure would not have got without her help. The process isn’t an overnight fix, but that’s what makes this it exciting, challenging and useful. Even now, when faced with situations that I am slightly unconfident in or feel panicked I use the techniques that Shaz taught me; and I think that demonstrates the longevity of her approach.’
Kate W. — Client

‘A month or so ago I was involved in a Road Traffic Accident which was quite serious. This left me very anxious when I got into any car since the accident. Thanks to Dr. Shaz Ney I am now able to sit in any car in the front passenger seat without feeling anxious or scared about any traffic that is coming towards me.’
TJ — Client

(After a talk on motivating and coaching the long term unemployed)

“In NLP we talk about the difference that makes the difference. Well we saw it last night. Truly inspiring, Shaz, many thanks”
Philip Harrisson, NLP Master Practitioner and Coach

“What a brilliant talk, Shaz, thank you. You have a very engaging delivery style and I admire the passion you have for your work in this challenging area.” Janet Alkema, Professional Coach

“As Chair of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Michigan-Flint, I hired Dr. Ney after reading her dissertation that I thought of highly. She taught a variety of courses and the students loved her. My young children were quite fond of her as well. I am confident that she would do an outstanding job in any academic setting.”
Nathan Oaklander, Professor of Philosophy, University of Michigan-Flint