A phobia is an excessive fear of something ‘a feeling so overwhelming you can’t function anymore’ and you become the ‘deer in the headlights’, otherwise known as a shaking, sweating, churning stomach, knees-turned-to-jelly, barely-in-control/non-functional mess.

Some fears are perfectly manageable because the thing you’re afraid of can be easily avoided. In the UK, under normal circumstances, a phobia of large snakes will not cause you too many problems as long as you don’t work in a pet shop or the vivarium at the zoo. Other fears can stop you from living a normal life, a fear of heights, lifts, public speaking, flying, dogs, cats, spiders, escalators! We can be afraid of just about anything (there’s even phobophobia — fear of fear itself)!

If you’ve got a phobia that you want to end, give me a call. Most clients will experience a 60% or more improvement in just one session and will simply continue to use the method on their own until the phobia is resolved (although you can come back if you want!). Depending on the severity of the initial condition that can mean the difference between arriving calm, cool and collected to an interview and arriving sweaty and worn out because you had to take the stairs. Using the tried and tested NLP methods, people have gone from being so frightened of something they couldn’t bear to be in the same room with it, to being able to get close to it without fear. We all know phobias don’t make sense, but the jump between intellectual awareness and physically coping can seem overwhelming. It isn’t.

Interested? Want to know more? Drop me a line or give me a call (go to the Contact Us page). I look forward to hearing from you.