It’s often said that the difference between success and failure is how long you’re willing to stick at it. The occasional child prodigy on Britain’s Got Talent notwithstanding, most of the world has to work very hard at success: 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration as Einstein said.

Thing is, its easy to be motivated at the start when you’re excited and dreaming of a wonderful future. Its something else again to stay motivated six months later when you’re still working at it but nothing seems to be happening. The longer a task takes, the harder it becomes to stick with it. Maybe you’re a student facing the long, hard slog of revision or responsible for a major project with a deadline you simply cannot miss. If you have something you have to do and maybe even WANT to do, but you just can’t get started or you’ve started but now your ‘get up and go’ has ‘got up and gone’, Knowing Minds can help. I can give you tactics to break through thought bottle necks, allowing ideas to flow freely again. I can teach you quick methods to get things done in ways that are manageable so instead of facing a daunting Mount Everest, you can see the way ahead and WANT to get there. There are ways to get motivated and stay motivated through the long haul. So when you’re fed up with feeling fed up give me a call. I can get you back on track and show you how to stoke those engines to see you through to the end.

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