Free Talks

I genuinely love what I do and I’m fascinated by the human mind and what it is capable of achieving. If you would be interested in having me come to your group and give a talk about NLP — what it is, how it works and what’s going on inside — please drop me an email at Talks are free within a ten mile radius of Guildford. After that I’m afraid I have to charge for mileage and will require parking at the venue. I have my own projector etc. so no need for you to provide anything, and for larger venues I have a PA system. If you have the facilities for Skype and a means of projecting the screen (and a big enough PA system!) I can talk to people across the world and it’s still free!

Want to know more? E-mail me or you can phone me on 0845 14 64637.

Looking forward to hearing from you!