About Knowing Minds

Knowing Minds is a small company with a wealth of experience and training behind it. It focuses on two things:

  1. Group training for businesses and education
  2. Working with individuals one to one to help them overcome barriers in their lives

There are many self-help books and group training videos you can buy these days so why come to us?

This is not something done on a whim or because it was the latest fad, nor does Knowing Minds believe in positive thinking as a panacea. Knowing Minds takes a practical approach to problems, not only helping with the immediate issue, but giving you long-term methods that will help you to develop your own approaches. Knowing Minds won’t use methods unless we can not only demonstrate that they work but WHY they work, getting you to experience the effect and then explaining why it’s happening. As a professional company we are wary of methods that rely purely on the ability of the trainer to communicate and the training approach reflects this.

Group training is focused on results and fun in equal measure. Dr Shaz Ney has been described as charismatic, motivational and ‘inspiring’ but with a focus on getting things done in the most effective and efficient way possible while making sure those being trained not only learn but have fun doing it. By providing not only the training but the resources and the ‘behind the scenes’ facts about what is being done and how, we don’t just give you solutions but the tools to create your own in the future.

We provide after sales service so you can look for your own solutions and we’re happy to guide any personal study and point you to accredited and valuable training should you wish to develop your new skills. Amongst other things we can help you with: Team building, Problem Solving, Career Development Guidance, Confidence, Motivation, Cures for Phobias, Teaching/training Skills to improve results and student responses, Personal Goal Setting, Resolving Barriers (individual and as part of groups) and identifying the reasons for blocks.

To do this we use coaching skills, NLP techniques and that latest in modern business training as well as presentations, exercises, videos, handouts and other traditional teaching methods. We’re happy to discuss your specific needs with you and we look forward to hearing from you.

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